Mary Poppins.jpg


As a young child, I was fascinated with the movie, Mary Poppins. Mostly the part when she first appeared. Potential nannies were lined up along on the street, waiting to be interviewed by Mr. Banks. At the precise time the interviews would begin, a strong wind came in. Leaves and nannies were blown about, down the street and up into the air. And then across the sky, over the city, here she came floating towards us, deliberately yet effortlessly, from some other place, with her umbrella and her bag. She was magical and mysterious and she came here to take the job.

This drawing of Mary Poppins is the first drawing I ever remember making. By drawing her I spent time with her, wondering who she was and where she came from. How did she get here? Were there others like her? Will she be going back, and if so, where to?

As a child I often spent time alone drawing. I would draw things in my world such as a flower, a bug, a train, my dog. A few years later I would re-create faces from the pages of magazines and covers of albums. I guess it was a way to bring these things to life and invite them to be seen.

I once read that my name Kerry means Seeker of Truth. I was brought to tears. For as long as I can remember I have taken a close look at the world to try and make sense of it, to try and figure out the answers to how it all works. To find the real truth of things and connect to something bigger.

I sometimes feel I’ve found what I’m looking for in the words and voice of a songwriter, the sun filtering through the swaying branches of a tree, the haunting sound of bagpipes, a perfect plate of pasta, the quietude of freshly fallen snow, the memory of snapping beans on the back porch swing with my MaMaw, and in my art.

Painting accommodates that need in me to search and see what else is there—to dig for it and bring it to light. It gives me that space to ponder and wonder and somehow helps me make sense of it all. It connects me to myself and to something much, much bigger. And it offers me the amazing opportunity to pack my bag, open my umbrella and go do the job.