We are all on a journey, part of a larger, more mysterious world, finding our way through. Carrying with us our memories, experiences, teachings, feelings, intentions, desires and curiosities, we try to make sense of it all. Following our intuitions, we find what resonates and has meaning for us along the way. My art mirrors this process. My paintings are built on layers of marks, colors and code, along with an exploration, a search, a digging for clues, the making of mistakes, the changing course, a leaving behind and a discovery of something new. I distill down to find something that resonates. My art accommodates that need in me to search and see what else is there. It allows me to sort through the chaos to hopefully find what is essential, potent and meaningful and let go of what is not.

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Her work has a fire and a fierceness, but it’s always calming. There is a balance of the dark and the light, simplicity in the chaos.
— Joseph S.