As a child, I think I spent of lot of time pondering. I loved looking at things and drawing them and getting lost in another world. I would draw things around me such as a flower, a bug, a car, my dog. I guess it was a way to really see things and somehow bring them to life.

And I’ve always had this certain longing in me. I once read that my name Kerry means Seeker of Truth and I was brought to tears. For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to make sense of things—to find the meaning or the real truth of things. I feel if I could just see beyond the veils I’d know all the answers.

My art accommodates that need in me to search and see what else is there. It allows me to sort through the chaos and find what resonates. It’s a way for me to bring that something forward and say this is what I want you to see.

My paintings are built on a series of layers, colors, marks and code, along with an exploration, a search, a digging for clues, a making of mistakes, a changing course, a leaving behind and a discovery of something new. It’s a practice of distillation and finding what is essential, potent and meaningful, and letting go of what is not.

I choose nature as a language I can translate through. Nature is a part of our world, but is also a force much greater than us. It carries history and mystery and it so often mirrors our human life cycles and experiences. In my paintings forms come and go through a larger abstract world, providing reference points and context. For me they are metaphors for our human experience and a reminder that we are a part of something much, much bigger.