The Dance

As I’m working on a painting in the studio, I find I’m continually moving back and forward, side-to-side. It’s an ongoing dance of being up close in the process of creating the painting, and backing up to get some answers. What is it looking like? Do I like it? Is the overall design working? What parts are working? What’s showing up? What’s the feeling? What’s missing? How can it get better?

The other day backing up a few feet still wasn’t enough. I had to walk the painting all the way down the hall so I could get farther away. Far enough away to really see it.

And that made me pause. It reminded me of how, in life, I also seek this same kind of perspective--trying to get high enough above it to really see what’s going on. I ask questions like, is this working right now, how can it be better, what do I need to change. While I find this exploration important and worthwhile, I know if I stay up in the clouds for too long, I’ll start to miss out on what’s showing up right in front of me. I probably won’t be as present to participate in those moments and events that make life what it is.

The same with painting. If I stay too close for too long I’ll get stuck, lost in the weeds and I won’t see what’s unfolding. If I stay too far away, I’m not interacting and exploring and the painting won’t get done.

To call it dance requires movement. So does painting. So does Life.

Here's to the cha cha cha.    


Kerry SchroederComment