Divine Storm


Author and life coach, Mastin Kipp wrote a blog post a few months back called “Divine Storm”. It spoke to me so much, it inspired a painting of mine. Late last week he sent that blog post out again. Funny how messages can keep coming around if we don’t quite get them the first time.

Divine Storm, 60" x 54"

Divine Storm, 60" x 54"

He defines a Divine Storm as moments in your life when you feel like life/The Divine/The Universe is against you. Nothing is going well and you start questioning everything—maybe even asking “Why is this happening to me?” However, he goes on to say that he’s come to realize that these moments are wake up calls—not ushering in the end, but clearing space for what’s trying to come in. However, we tend to interrupt the process. We hang on to how it was and fear how it could be.

It reminded me, once again, of the paintings I really fight with from time to time. And a new thought came to mind. What if instead of me thinking that these paintings are rallying against me, that they’re actually working for me? What if they’re actually telling me to let go of everything I am trying to get them to do, and instead let them teach me something new? Maybe there is something right in front of me I need to learn. Maybe there is another way—a way I have actually been looking for all along, but I can’t see it because I don’t yet have the courage or faith to give up the fight.

I’m starting to see that sometimes things need to get messy before we can make sense of them. Sometimes things even need to fall apart in order to be reconfigured. A relationship, a job, our health, a painting, our Selves. And, I’m starting to see that the easier we allow things to fall apart, the easier something new can begin.

Here is a link to Mr. Kipp’s post, “Greater things are ahead.

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